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insomnia sufferers should weigh benefits & risks of new sleeping pill

Belsomra: Weighing Benefits and Risks

Belsomra, Merck’s new sleeping pill, is now the hottest topic on this blog. Insomnia sufferers who write in with comments are wondering about dosage, effectiveness, side effects, and how it compares with other sleeping pills.

Reviews of Belsomra, or suvorexant, have been lukewarm so far. Since I haven’t tried it myself, I can’t weigh in based on personal experience. But my search for information turned up more than I shared in my blog last August. Here’s a bit of context and more details.

Belsomra, a new sleeping pill approved for insomnia, will enter the market early next year

Merck's New Sleeping Pill to Come Out Soon

Roll over, Ambien! After much debate, the FDA has finally approved Merck’s new drug for insomnia. Expect to see Belsomra (a.k.a. suvorexant) on the market early next year.

So what can we hope for from this new sleeping pill and how does it differ from hypnotics available now?

A Better Sleeping Pill: Are We There Yet?

My hope springs eternal when it comes to the possibility of a better sleeping pill. Suvorexant, Merck’s new insomnia drug, is currently under review at the FDA, and I’m wondering whether this will be it.

Suvorexant is a different from sleeping pills like Ambien (a.k.a. zolpidem) and Lunesta. Here’s how.