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Insomnia suffers do not need to put up with snoring any longer

Snoring Keeps You Awake? Oral Appliance Offers Relief

Insomnia is a pain to have to deal with, but it’s worse when someone is snoring. Just as you’re sliding into dreamland, your husband lets loose with a snort that queers the deal. Or your wife starts up with her throaty rattling again. Or—more maddening still—the snore that jolts you awake comes out of your own mouth.

All it may take to stop snoring is a dental device worn at night. Insomniacs with snoring partners and people with mild to moderate sleep apnea: listen up.

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Snoring Partner? Get Help Now

Can this marriage be saved?

You: prone to insomnia and sensitive to noise. Cat fights and flushing toilets wake you up at night. Thunder jolts you awake to a pounding heart.

Your mate: considerate, generous, perfect in every way except one: snoring.


A Light Sleeper’s Take on Snoring

I see a lot of complaints in insomnia forums about snoring husbands and wives: “At night my wife morphs into a Mack truck!” “My husband’s snoring can shake the paint off the walls!”

Maybe these snorers have sleep apnea and should go to the doctor to see if it can be corrected. Then again, maybe they don’t have sleep apnea, and maybe snoring is part of the package we sign for when we pledge to stay together for better and for worse.

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In Praise of Sleeping on the Couch

It’s a telltale sign of denial in people with insomnia, as far as sleep experts are concerned. To sleep anywhere but the bed is to avoid facing up to your real problem with sleep: namely, the fact that your bed has become Enemy Number One. The frustration of going to bed and being unable to sleep has become associated with the bed itself, so that merely setting foot in the bedroom can make you anxious. Just thinking about B-E-D makes your stomach clench.

Hence, the cowardly retreat to sleeping on the couch.