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The Rich Sleep Better (They Haven’t Always)

So it’s news that the rich sleep better in Canada (as headlines in various online publications recently proclaimed)? Not exactly shocking. Who wouldn’t sleep better owning a Mercedes than a rickety Ford?

Insomnia is more often the curse of those who struggle to make mortgage payments and pay for healthcare than the well to do.

Fear of Sleeplessness: How and Why

I spent years in denial about my fear of sleeplessness. Just how mixed up would I look if I admitted to an anxiety that undoubtedly made my insomnia worse?

I didn’t know anything about emotion then, or how people come to fear things like dogs or water or sleeplessness. I’ve come a long way since.

Sleep Studies: The Answer to Insomnia?

People pop the question whenever I mention my long struggle with insomnia: “Have you had a sleep study?”

When I say “no,” they always look puzzled. Wouldn’t I want to get to the bottom of a problem that’s had such an impact on my life?

A New Look at Trazodone for Sleep

Trazodone has never been approved for the treatment of insomnia. Yet it rose to the top of the bestseller charts as a medication for sleeplessness in the 1990s and enjoys great popularity still. Here’s one explanation for its appeal.