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Early Bedtime a Setup for Insomnia

Talk of earlier bedtimes for teens calls to mind my own experiences with an early bedtime, which didn’t work out so well. Rather than helping me get more sleep, it set me up to become a card-carrying insomniac. Let me explain.

Sounder Sleep with Regular Exercise

For several years, I jogged, rode a bicycle or worked out at a gym three days a week. This physical activity was both a duty and a pleasure. It kept me healthy, and often it made me feel good. But it didn’t seem to affect my sleep one way or the other.

A new survey suggests that exercise generally tends to improve sleep.

1001 Sleepless Nights

Before I decided to take the bull by the horns and actually do something about my insomnia, I was convinced there was little TO do. I believed my fate was sealed from birth: on top of being short and stubborn, I was destined to be on shaky terms with the night. I could curse the gods, or I could settle down and make the best of it.

Insomnia is more likely to develop if another family member has it

Insomnia: A Family Affair

Is a insomnia a heritable trait? Family and twin studies—and my own experience—suggest that vulnerability to insomnia is indeed passed on genetically.

In Praise of Sleeping on the Couch

Sleeping on the couch isn’t always a bad idea. Some insomnia sufferers are light sleepers prone to high-frequency brain activity even during the deeper stages of sleep, or so the experts say. We pick up on information in the environment that normal sleepers readily tune out.

The problem may be that there are disturbances in the bedroom itself.

Clock watching at night fuels anxiety and insomnia

Clocking the Hours at Night

Does the sight of a clock at night make you anxious?

Here’s my solution to that.

Night and Sleep Don’t Mix

Sleep scientists are still trying to figure out why 10 to 15 percent of us have trouble sleeping at night. Normal sleepers are in the majority; people with insomnia are the deviants.

But is insomnia really so odd in view of all the crimes and disasters that have occurred at night?