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Laying Fear of Sleeplessness to Rest

Once fear of sleeplessness moves into your bedroom, it can feel like a permanent feature of the night, making insomnia worse. But does it have to be this way?

Therapy with a sleep specialist, or measures you can take on your own with instruction from a book or the web, can help set fears to rest.

Sleep Deprived and Gaining Weight

When I’m stressed out, two things happen. One, sleep goes on the lam, and two, I eat to compensate. Last night it was an ice cream cone at Stucchi’s. The night before, I opened a honey jar and had some honey straight up. Move over, Winnie the Pooh!

Sweets and fat are irresistible when I’m feeling sleep deprived, and a new study from UPenn suggests I’m far from abnormal in that regard. The particulars are alarming, so read on.

Sleep Restriction in a Nutshell

In last week’s blog I explained the rationale behind sleep restriction as a treatment for insomnia. (Here’s a link to that blog post.) Now I’ll offer a quick and dirty description of how it works.

Q & A: Is Sleep Restriction as Bad as It Sounds?

Sleep restriction for the sleepless?! Two people have written to Ask The Savvy Insomniac about this insomnia treatment, which can sound as harsh as waterboarding to insomniac ears.

But is it really so bad?