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Thoughts upon a Mattress

I just found out about a new kind of bed. Called the “component bed,” it allows you to “customize” your sleep to a degree never possible before.

But I can’t imagine that this bed would lead to sounder sleep or put the kibosh on my insomnia.

Sounder Sleep with Regular Exercise

For several years, I jogged, rode a bicycle or worked out at a gym three days a week. This physical activity was both a duty and a pleasure. It kept me healthy, and often it made me feel good. But it didn’t seem to affect my sleep one way or the other.

A new survey suggests that exercise generally tends to improve sleep.

Insomnia may respond to treatment with acupuncture

Insomnia? Acupuncture May Be Worth a Bid

A live-in personal assistant named August, an insomnia sufferer I interviewed for my book, was convinced that acupuncture was the path to better sleep. One day he took his insomnia to an acupuncturist trained in China. After that, he was hooked.