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Ebb Insomnia Therapy helps people fall asleep more quickly

Ebb Insomnia Therapy: The Silver Bullet We’ve Been Waiting For?

The company name has changed. So has the wearable part of this sleep-promoting medical device.

But the product launch at selected sleep centers is still set for the final months of 2017, with full production capacity expected next year. Here’s an update on a device that will add to research-based treatment options for people with insomnia.

How do you score on tests given to people with insomnia

Insomnia: How Do You Score?

You may know you’ve got insomnia. But could you prove it?

Researchers use pencil-and-paper tests to assess different aspects of sleep: sleep quality, insomnia severity, sleep reactivity, and sleep-related beliefs. If you’re unfamiliar with these questionnaires, you may find it interesting to look at them and see how you score.

Insomnia may occur in patterns which can be figured out

Insomnia: Finding Method in the Madness

It used to be that the only predictable thing about my insomnia was that it occurred at times of high drama. Anticipation of a trip to the Canary Islands? Nothing like a little excitement to keep me awake at night. Difficulties with a colleague at work? Stress, too, was a set-up for trouble sleeping. Whenever my life got the least bit interesting or challenging, sleep went south.

But sleep is easier to manage now that I’m able to see more patterns in my insomnia and the insomnia of others.

Does Insomnia Carry a Social Stigma?

My aunt and uncle from LA recently visited me here in Ann Arbor. I spent a fair amount of time with them when I lived on the West Coast, and over the years we’ve had lots of intimate conversations. They’d read my book, The Savvy Insomniac, and the first thing they said about it was this:

“We never knew you had such a problem with insomnia.” Implicit was a question: Why didn’t you ever mention it to us?

Insomnia in the Middle of the Night

Does your sleep problem involve waking up in the middle of the night once or several times and then trouble falling back to sleep? Sleep maintenance insomnia is actually the most common form of insomnia, and it’s more common as people age. Here’s a quick review of the possible causes and what can be done.

Q & A: Is What I’ve Got Insomnia?

Recently I was telling a new acquaintance about my book.

“Insomnia?” she said. “How do you define that? My problem is that I wake up several times every night. Does that qualify as insomnia?”

Fear of Sleeplessness: How and Why

I spent years in denial about my fear of sleeplessness. Just how mixed up would I look if I admitted to an anxiety that undoubtedly made my insomnia worse?

I didn’t know anything about emotion then, or how people come to fear things like dogs or water or sleeplessness. I’ve come a long way since.

Quick Quiz on Sleep

How much do you know about sleep? See if you can answer these eight questions correctly. Check your answers at the bottom of the page.