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New guideline for sleeping pills may change doctors' prescribing habits

Sleeping Pills: New Prescribing Guidelines

Let’s say you go to the doctor hoping to get a prescription for sleeping pills to relieve your insomnia. You’ve been through cognitive behavioral therapy and it has helped. But there are nights when you’re wound up so tightly that nothing—push-ups, meditation, a hot bath—will calm you down enough so you can get a decent night’s sleep. What then?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently released a clinical practice guideline for the medical treatment of chronic insomnia in adults. Here’s what the academy now recommends.

Sleep node in the brain could one day help insomnia sufferers sleep like babies

Deep Sleep for Insomniacs: Closer Than We Thought?

Could more deep sleep be the solution to insomnia? Investigators have toyed with the idea for years. People with insomnia tend not to get as much deep, or slow-wave, sleep as normal sleepers. Finding a way to prolong slow-wave sleep might make our sleep feel sounder and more restorative.

Last week’s discovery of a sleep node in the brainstem associated with the initiation of slow-wave sleep is promising news in this regard.