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Sleep restriction less difficult with enjoyable activities that keep you awake

11+ Nighttime Activities for Sleep Restriction

Here’s a complaint I often hear from insomniacs going through sleep restriction therapy: it’s hard to stay awake until bedtime. A related frustration comes with suddenly having extra time on your hands.

“I don’t know what to do with myself till 2:30 in the morning!” an insomnia sufferer groused to me.

Here are variations on 11 activities aimed at keeping you awake until the clock says it’s time to head to bed.

Insomnia may respond to treatment with ashwagandha

An Ayurvedic Herb for Better Sleep

Might Ayurvedic medicine—traditional medicine practiced in India for 3,000 years—offer an effective treatment for insomnia?

If you’re looking for an alternative treatment vetted by scientists in controlled clinical trials, the answer is no. But an Indian herb called ashwagandha is receiving attention as a substance that might help people with several health conditions, including chronic stress, anxiety, and memory loss. It’s also being studied as a possible sleep aid. Here’s more about it.

Q&A: Can Poor Sleep Show in the Face?

Can chronic insomnia make you less attractive? speed up the aging of skin? cause irreversible damage to your face?

I heard these concerns as I interviewed insomniacs for my book. But recently I decided to check into them after receiving an email from a woman whose anxiety about her appearance was extreme:

sleep deprived insomniacs who must drive should have a nap & caffeine

When Napping & Caffeine Make Sense

Chronic insomniacs will have heard these messages before: “Don’t nap.” “Avoid caffeinated beverages later in the day.” These are good rules of thumb for most people with insomnia. If you catch yourself drifting off during the 6 o’clock news, it’s better to get up and walk around the block than drink coffee or indulge in a full-blown nap.

But some situations warrant breaking the rules.

Sleep restriction therapy and exercise are an effective combination

Are Sleep Restriction and Exercise a Good Mix?

When people ask what insomnia treatment helped me the most, I mention sleep restriction therapy (SRT) and exercise.

But I’d never seen SRT and exercise paired as equal partners in a therapeutic intervention for insomnia until last week. Trolling the Internet, I came across a study conducted in China to determine whether adding an individualized exercise program to SRT would result in better outcomes than SRT alone. The investigators came up with interesting results.

Insomniacs may not need as much sleep as they think

Are We Really Sleep Deprived?

People with insomnia typically worry about not getting enough sleep. It’s easy to understand why. The media are are full of stories warning of the perils of insufficient sleep: obesity, diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease.

But a study of sleep in 3 traditional societies published in October suggests that humans may need less sleep than we think we do—which should give insomniacs food for thought.

trouble functioning in the a.m. could indicate circadian rhythm disorder

Q&A: Should Night Owls Use Sleeping Pills?

Rob wrote to Ask The Savvy Insomniac complaining about insomnia and wondering if Belsomra might help.

Today’s blog post features his story and my response.

Good sleep hygiene, while useful for insomniacs today, would not appeal to the Catholic saints

Saintly Thoughts on Sleep Hygiene

We often hear that Americans are not getting enough sleep. Electric lights (and now screens) are usually cited as the culprits, and Thomas Edison gets blamed for saying we should all sleep less. But the Catholic saints had the same opinion. The shorter their nights were, the more time they could devote to prayer and charitable work.

I just finished reading Father Aloysius Roche’s Bedside Book of Saints, and it’s clear to me that the saints would take issue with several ideas promoted by sleep experts today, including advice for insomnia sufferers looking for a better night’s sleep.