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Animal Sleep: A Few Fun Facts

Envy is what I feel about the sleep of cats. They’re unconscious the second they close their eyes!

The sleep habits of some wild animals are even stranger.

Quick Quiz on Sleep

How much do you know about sleep? See if you can answer these eight questions correctly. Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

Is Quality Sleep for Sale?

When it comes to sleep, I’m convinced that quality is more important than quantity. Hands down, I’ll take 5 ½ hours of sound slumber over restless dozing that stretches out for 7 hours.

So I have mixed feelings about sleeping pills. Many meds invented to give us more sleep degrade the Zzzz’s we get and can actually worsen insomnia.

A New Look at Trazodone for Sleep

Trazodone has never been approved for the treatment of insomnia. Yet it rose to the top of the bestseller charts as a medication for sleeplessness in the 1990s and enjoys great popularity still. Here’s one explanation for its appeal.

Tired of Waking Up to a Bad Mood? Try Dreaming

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed often has to do with being short on sleep, and in recent years scientists have begun offering theories about why this is so.

Rosalind Cartwright’s research suggests that one function of sleep is the down-regulation of negative emotion so we can wake up in a happier frame of mind.