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Insomnia was a problem for Mao Zedong

Insomnia at the Pinnacle of Power

We don’t hear much about the sleep of presidents and prime ministers except for the hours they get: President Obama, 6; George W. Bush, 8: Margaret Thatcher, 4. Their personal habits matter little compared with the decisions they make and the work they do in office.

But Dr. Li Zhisui wrote about insomnia at length in his biography of Mao Zedong, The Private Life of Chairman Mao, suggesting that our leaders’ sleep (or sleeplessness) may affect their decisions and behavior more than we think.

trouble functioning in the a.m. could indicate circadian rhythm disorder

Q&A: Should Night Owls Use Sleeping Pills?

Rob wrote to Ask The Savvy Insomniac complaining about insomnia and wondering if Belsomra might help.

Today’s blog post features his story and my response.

Make sure you sleep well at college

Sleep at College: Here’s How to Get Enough

Off to college soon (or know of someone who is)? You’re probably looking forward to interesting classes, good friends, and the freedom to live away from the prying eyes of Mom and Dad. Heady prospects, all three! But you’ll also face some challenges. Getting enough sleep may be one.

But college life doesn’t have to be disruptive to sleep. By planning ahead, you can get the sleep you need whether you’re inclined to get up early or burn the midnight oil. Here’s what you can to do get a better night’s sleep away from home.

Q & A: Solutions for Sleepy Night Owls

A small business owner wrote to Ask The Savvy Insomniac to say that her problem was that she didn’t normally feel sleepy until around 3 a.m.

Here are a couple ways she could shift her biological rhythms so that she feels like going to sleep earlier.

Larks and Owls Choose Different Careers

Being a morning person or a night owl is such a fundamental aspect of who we are that it appears to affect the majors college students choose.

For some 500 juniors and seniors who completed a survey at Penn State University, researchers found several correlations between their sleep habits and their chosen fields of study.

Insomnia Is His Friend

There are those who, rather than fight insomnia, decide to embrace it. Los Angeles musician and sound artist Jean Paul Garnier is one. Garnier’s erratic sleep pattern inspired him to begin work on an eight-hour composition called “Sleep Map,” which he hopes one day will help others get a good night’s rest.