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If baby cries when you put her to bed, you may be putting her to bed too early

Bedtime for Brianna: Get It Right!

A new study examines the relationship between melatonin secretion and children’s sleep patterns.

Early bedtimes set by parents can backfire, putting children at risk for insomnia.

Q&A: The Why’s of Winter Insomnia, and What to Do

If there’s a seasonal pattern to your insomnia, reduced light exposure could be the culprit. People in northerly latitudes are exposed to little daylight in the winter, and this can have a negative effect on circadian rhythms and worsen sleep.

Nights owls may be helped by melatonin supplements

Will Melatonin Work for You?

Last week I gave a talk about insomnia and insomnia remedies, and I asked people in the audience to share what they knew. “Melatonin!” a man shouted out. “It doesn’t work!” Others laughed in agreement.

But there is at least one type of insomnia sufferer who stands to gain a lot by taking melatonin supplements regularly at the appropriate time of day. Watch this 3-minute book trailer to find out more.

In the News

Chelsea Update, September 6, 2013
Scio Township resident Lois Maharg has spent most of her life battling insomnia. She has tried hypnotic CDs, relaxation exercises, melatonin, sleeping pills, self-help books and more with no long-term success. So she decided to go out in search of answers and write a book.

Seeing Red at Night

Results of a new study suggest that the color of the light you’re exposed to at night (think about the night light in your bathroom) can make a difference in how you sleep.

Sleep more easily during the summer after a cold shower

Q & A: Summertime Insomnia & How to Beat It

Light and heat during the summer can make it harder to sleep, especially in people inclined to have insomnia. Here are a few things you can do to ease the situation.

Q & A: Solutions for Sleepy Night Owls

A small business owner wrote to Ask The Savvy Insomniac to say that her problem was that she didn’t normally feel sleepy until around 3 a.m.

Here are a couple ways she could shift her biological rhythms so that she feels like going to sleep earlier.

LED Screens Harm Sleep

Use your laptop, tablet, or iPhone at night?

Electric lighting–particularly sophisticated devices with LED lighting–can seriously interfere with your sleep, says Charles Czeisler, a professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School.