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An essential oils diffuser may make a good gift for a person with insomnia

Last-Minute Gifts for the Sleepless

Oops! Here it is just a few days before Christmas and Hanukkah and I’ve forgotten to write my annual gifts-for-the-sleepless blog.

Well I’ll just post this gift blog now and include items available from online sellers promising 2- and 3-day shipping. (Apologies to readers expecting a post about an insomnia treatment that increases sleep efficiency! I’ll publish that one next week.)

Blue light-blocking glasses can be helpful for people with insomnia

More Gifts for the Sleepless

Looking for a gift for a problem sleeper (or are you browsing for sleep-friendly products yourself)? Last year’s holiday gift blog was so popular that I decided to post a similar blog this year.

Most of these items are fairly inexpensive and all can be purchased online. They may be helpful for people with insomnia and other sleep problems. If nothing else they’ll make for comfier nights.

lavender essential oil might be a good gift for someone with insomnia

Gifts for the Insomniac in Your Life (Maybe It’s You)

I’m leery of many products marketed to people with insomnia.

But there are a few sleep-related products I’ve found to be helpful—or that research suggests hold promise. They’re inexpensive and would make nice holiday gifts for friends or loved ones who have trouble with sleep.