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Night owls are better off with bright light therapy than sleeping pills

Insomnia or Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder?

Sometimes I hear from people whose sleep problem sounds more like a circadian rhythm disorder than insomnia. Laurel wrote that she’d always been a night owl. So she was taking sleeping pills to get to sleep at night.

But if her problem is due to a delayed or sluggish body clock—if what she has is delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD)—she’d be better off with other types of treatment. Here’s more:

trouble functioning in the a.m. could indicate circadian rhythm disorder

Q&A: Should Night Owls Use Sleeping Pills?

Rob wrote to Ask The Savvy Insomniac complaining about insomnia and wondering if Belsomra might help.

Today’s blog post features his story and my response.


The ADHD-Insomnia Connection

Got ADHD? Chances are you’ve got insomnia symptoms, too. About 92 percent of the subjects in a recent study of adults with ADHD reported going to bed late because they were “not tired” or “too keyed up to sleep.”

Results of this study, from University of Alabama at Birmingham, show that the sleep problems of adults with ADHD are due to delayed (and possibly less stable) circadian rhythms. (Circadian rhythms are controlled by the body clock.) And, say UAB researchers, delays in sleep timing—and daytime sleepiness—correlate with more severe hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive ADHD symptoms. If you’ve got ADHD-related insomnia, treatments aimed at advancing circadian phase may help.