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Insomnia and back pain can be alleviated by placing pillows correctly

Use Pillows Strategically for Pain-Free Nights

This morning I landed on a blog promoting use of a wooden pillow for intestinal health and insomnia relief. No joke. You’re supposed to lie face down with the “pillow” under your lower stomach and gently shake the abdominal area from side to side. This rocking motion supposedly helps with digestion and spinal alignment, relaxing you and helping you fall asleep.

Pardon my skepticism, but frankly the adjective wooden does not belong in the same sentence as insomnia relief. I’ve blogged about wooden pillows elsewhere and am no more convinced I should place one under my stomach than under my neck!

But I know from experience that pillows can make a difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. A reader suffering low back pain and insomnia wrote in with a question about pillows a few days ago, prompting me to do a little research. Here’s what I found out.