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Coffee | insomnia sufferers can enjoy health benefits & avoid the harms

Coffee: The Sleepless, Too, Can Enjoy the Benefits

I love coffee and I’m always glad to hear coffee is beneficial to my health. Two new studies—one of humans and the other of mice—add to this growing body of knowledge.

Yet coffee contains caffeine, and people with insomnia are often advised to cut down on caffeine because it interferes with sleep. Is there a middle course the sleepless can steer to avoid the harms and reap the benefits?

Insomnia sufferers need not forego coffee completely

Caffeine and Sleep: A Closer Look

A new study from Henry Ford Hospital shows that caffeine ingested 6 hours before bedtime has a disruptive effect on sleep and can cause insomnia.

For goodness sake, tell me something I don’t already know! Drinking coffee late in the day has always been a surefire summons to insomnia at my house.

But there’s a lot about caffeine I didn’t know—and that you might not know either—so I thought I’d pass along a few fascinating factoids.