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Ebb Insomnia Therapy helps people fall asleep more quickly

Ebb Insomnia Therapy: The Silver Bullet We’ve Been Waiting For?

The company name has changed. So has the wearable part of this sleep-promoting medical device.

But the product launch at selected sleep centers is still set for the final months of 2017, with full production capacity expected next year. Here’s an update on a device that will add to research-based treatment options for people with insomnia.

Bedtime routine helps condition body and mind to expect sleep

A Sleep-Friendly Bedtime Routine

A cardinal rule of sleep hygiene involves establishing a bedtime routine and here, I’m a believer. Even if I’m out till midnight, leapfrogging from a meeting or a party straight into bed is a setup for insomnia. I’ve got to have at least 45 minutes—better yet, an hour or more—to shift myself out of overdrive and into idling mode.

Here are some things to do in the run-up to bedtime to ease the transition between wakefulness and sleep.

Tips for Overheated Sleepers

Feeling cold at night is the pits. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also gives me a whopping case of insomnia. So years ago I bought an electric blanket and a comforter for use in the winter.

But these items may not be good choices for people with insomnia or those who wake up with night sweats, according to recent paper by sleep scientists in The Netherlands. It has to do with the effects of skin temperature on core body temperature at night.

Footbaths to Fight Insomnia?

Dr. Oz’s tip for curing insomnia—wearing heated rice footsies to bed (see my blog last March)—may have led to second- and third-degree burns for TV viewer Frank Dietl, but Oz is not responsible for the injuries, the New York Supreme Court ruled on Oct. 3. Moral of story? Take the advice of tele-evangelist health gurus with a grain of salt.

But let’s get back to the notion that heating the extremities might help to promote sleep. For some of us, this may be a useful strategy.

Avoiding Jet Lag: A Tip for Eastbound Travelers

The first few days in Paris can be miserable as your body clock tries to sync up with local time.

To lessen the effects of jet lag, it’s important to get daylight working in your favor, which is not as simple as many in-flight magazines make it sound.

using comforter can make you too hot at night

Too Hot to Sleep

Pet peeve: I turn down the bed covers in my hotel room only to discover that the bedding consists of sheets and a comforter, without a blanket in sight.

Maybe the hotel management assumes that adjustments in room temperature will allow this arrangement to work. But no matter whether I turn the heat up or down, my next several hours will be a challenge: Sheets + comforter = a comfortless night.

Dr. Oz’s Sleep Tip Sparks Lawsuit

Dr. Oz is at it again, spreading careless advice about sleep. And this time somebody besides me is complaining.

Last week, Frank Dietl, 76, filed suit against Dr. Oz for a sleep tip that left him with third-degree burns on his feet and several weeks’ confinement in bed.