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Q & A: Solutions for Sleepy Night Owls

A small business owner wrote to Ask The Savvy Insomniac to say that her problem was that she didn’t normally feel sleepy until around 3 a.m.

Here are a couple ways she could shift her biological rhythms so that she feels like going to sleep earlier.

Larks and Owls Choose Different Careers

Being a morning person or a night owl is such a fundamental aspect of who we are that it appears to affect the majors college students choose.

For some 500 juniors and seniors who completed a survey at Penn State University, researchers found several correlations between their sleep habits and their chosen fields of study.

Advanced sleep phase disorder can be managed with bright light timed appropriately.

Q & A: Early Morning Insomnia

Early birds often awaken in the wee hours of the morning and miss out on social activities in the evening.

Here’s how to sleep later in the morning and delay evening sleepiness using appropriately-timed light exposure and exercise.

Avoiding Jet Lag: A Tip for Eastbound Travelers

The first few days in Paris can be miserable as your body clock tries to sync up with local time.

To lessen the effects of jet lag, it’s important to get daylight working in your favor, which is not as simple as many in-flight magazines make it sound.

The insomnia experienced by Mao may have been a circadian rhythm disorder

Most Famous Insomniacs: A Contender from the East

Every list of famous insomniacs is full of artists and actors, as well as historical giants such as Napoleon, Churchill, and Lincoln. Every person on the list is of European descent.

But research on insomnia is now coming out of the East, suggesting that insomnia is a phenomenon in Asian cultures too.