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Sleep quality is affected by dietary fiber, saturated fat, and sugar

Can Foods Improve Sleep Quality?

With sleeping pills getting bad press these days, the race is on to find more nonpharmacologic, alternative treatments for insomnia. One area of interest is diet and nutrition. Are there foods that could help us sleep?

The evidence for a relationship between food and sleep is mixed, say authors that reviewed 21 studies on the topic. But a new randomized controlled study of the effects of diet on sleep suggests that foods high in fiber, saturated fat, and sugar may significantly affect the quality of our sleep.

Magnesium supplements may ease anxiety and improve sleep

Magnesium May Ease Insomnia and Anxiety

Last week a new friend was telling me about her sons. She has quite a bit of anxiety about their situation and, since reaching menopause, she’s had trouble sleeping. She tried sleeping pills and didn’t like the way they made her feel. But magnesium supplements seem to do the trick.

So I looked for research on magnesium, anxiety and insomnia and here’s what I found.