Praise for The Savvy Insomniac

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“To start, I’d rephrase the subtitle to – Everything You Wanted to Know About Sleep, but Didn’t Know WHO to Ask. Ask Lois Maharg.”

         –Robert A. Rose, Host, Blog Talk Radio

“Reading the book, I found it informative, engaging, well documented and researched, and even poignant.”

        –Gary Mallin

“I’ve recommended it to some friends for its literary value and to others for help with understanding and tackling their own insomnia concerns.”

        –Edward C. Nicholson

“This is a huge book! In addition to recounting her personal story of insomnia and voyage through treatments, Lois Maharg brings together a tremendous amount of information about the history and current science of insomnia and presents it in a comprehensible way.”

        –Michael H. Bonnet, PhD

“Maharg excels when she reports on specific treatments that are popular today. For instance, readers will appreciate the detailed way she discusses the many sleeping pills on the market, summarizing their pros and cons.”

        —Kirkus Reviews

“This well-researched book will not only provide perspective for individuals with insomnia, but also for clinicians seeking to help their patients.”

        –Deirdre A. Conroy, PhD

“If you are an insomniac–or know someone who is–and you are interested in learning more, look no further than this book.”

        –Janet D. Voight, PhD

“The day I started reading Lois’s book I felt like a two hundred pound weight was lifted off my shoulders! If you want to overcome insomnia, see a sleep specialist and READ THE SAVVY INSOMNIAC! You can do it !!!!”