Nights of Agony and Bliss

The New York Times’ Sunday Magazine a few years ago featured a series of drawings by the artist Christoph Niemann. Titled “Good Night and Tough Luck,” the series contained text but communicated so much more than the words themselves—and it was funny, too!

Pack an overnight bag with the right supplies and you'll sleep well

A Good Night’s Sleep on the Road

If I could afford to stay at the Hyatt, I could probably sleep like a queen. But prudence steers me away from luxury and into the arms of the poor relations: Econo Lodge, Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn.

An overnight bag with the right supplies can make a difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one.

Insomnia may respond to treatment with acupuncture

Insomnia? Acupuncture May Be Worth a Bid

A live-in personal assistant named August, an insomnia sufferer I interviewed for my book, was convinced that acupuncture was the path to better sleep. One day he took his insomnia to an acupuncturist trained in China. After that, he was hooked.

Hands Off My Sleep Meds, Dr. Oz!

Last week Dr. Oz hosted a show about “killer” sleeping pills. Now, there are lots of reasons to be cautious about sleep meds, including the fact that some leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

But when celebrities like Dr. Oz use information like this to whip up hysteria about sleeping pills, it makes my blood boil.

Insomnia and the Sleep Switch

So what exactly is the “sleep switch,” and how might it figure in insomnia?

This sleep-regulating center in the brain was actually discovered almost 100 years ago.

A Sleep Switch in the Brain

“Scientists Report the Discovery of a Brain ‘Switch’ That Brings On Sleep,” announced the headline of a New York Times article on January 12, 1996. The news marked the beginning of my quest to get to the bottom of my insomnia.

Four Ways to Fall Asleep

I used to be a “disordered” sleeper. That, at least, is the term I’ve heard applied to someone with a sleep schedule as erratic as mine was. One night I’d start nodding off after dinner, and the next night I’d be up till 3:30 in the morning. There was no rhyme or reason to it that I could see.

Insomnia sufferers may want to try yoga to prepare for sleep

Too Aroused for Sleep? Try Yoga

Sat Bir Khalsa, a professor and researcher at Harvard Medical School, thinks that among alternative treatments for insomnia, yoga may also be a viable solution for people who feel too aroused to sleep.

I attended Khalsa’s presentation at a conference a while back. Here’s the gist of what he said.