Interview Topics

  1. Why we need to talk about insomnia and how to improve sleep and daytime stamina
  2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia: what it is, what it feels like to go through therapy, and what we can and can’t expect to gain
  3. How fear of sleeplessness can develop and contribute to insomnia, and how I conquered mine
  4. Supplements and herbals: what research says they can and can’t do for people with insomnia
  5. Beliefs about insomnia in the past and how attitudes have changed in 200 years
  6. Sleep aids used in the past and our mixed feelings about sleeping pills today
  7. Extreme morningness and extreme eveningness: how to harmonize your sleep cycle with the cycle of daylight and darkness
  8. Trouble sleeping in older adults: why it develops and how to get a better night’s rest

Download interview topics here: Interview-Topics