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Dr. Oz’s Sleep Tip Sparks Lawsuit

Dr. Oz is at it again, spreading careless advice about sleep. And this time somebody besides me is complaining.

Last week, Frank Dietl, 76, filed suit against Dr. Oz for a sleep tip that left him with third-degree burns on his feet and several weeks’ confinement in bed.

Hands Off My Sleep Meds, Dr. Oz!

Last week Dr. Oz hosted a show about “killer” sleeping pills. Now, there are lots of reasons to be cautious about sleep meds, including the fact that some leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

But when celebrities like Dr. Oz use information like this to whip up hysteria about sleeping pills, it makes my blood boil.

Insomnia is more likely to develop if another family member has it

Insomnia: A Family Affair

Is a insomnia a heritable trait? Family and twin studies—and my own experience—suggest that vulnerability to insomnia is indeed passed on genetically.

Some doctors are comfortable prescribing sleeping pills and others aren't

Doctors and the Sleeping Pill Question

The use of sleeping pills is on the rise, with 8 percent of Americans now using them at least a few nights a week. By some folks’ lights this is not a good thing. Doctors are too quick on the draw with the prescription pad, is a complaint I often hear.

But I’ve had more experience with doctors of the opposite persuasion, who declare they don’t do sleeping pills at all.