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Abuse Has Long-Lasting Effects on Sleep

Research shows that childhood adversity makes people more vulnerable to a host of problems, from depression and psychosis to obesity and diabetes.

Not surprisingly, early exposure to a range of traumas—from abuse and domestic violence to household drug abuse and mental illness—also sets us up for insomnia.

Parsing the Sleep of Twins

We’d all like to sleep like babies.

But not all babies sleep the same amount, say researchers at Laval University, whose study of nearly 500 pairs of Canadian twins published yesterday found that genes are a stronger determinant than the environment of how long babies and toddlers sleep at night.

Early Bedtime a Setup for Insomnia

Talk of earlier bedtimes for teens calls to mind my own experiences with an early bedtime, which didn’t work out so well. Rather than helping me get more sleep, it set me up to become a card-carrying insomniac. Let me explain.

The Sleepy Teen Problem

The thinking on teen sleepiness is getting complicated these days. On one hand, there’s reason to believe that American teens should get more sleep than they actually do.

On the other hand, a new review of literature published this month in the journal Sleep suggests the issue of children’s sleep need is far from settled.