About The Savvy Insomniac

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You’ve heard the advice before: No drinking or smoking too close to bedtime. No caffeine after noon. Have a wind-down period before lights-out. Just say “no” to naps. If the path to better sleep lay in simply observing good sleep habits, you wouldn’t be visiting this site. Nor would I have felt compelled to devote years to investigating insomnia in search of better answers.

There is more useful information about sleep and insomnia than is typically offered in advice columns and on the web. You’ll find plenty of it in my new book, The Savvy Insomniac: A Personal Journey through Science to Better Sleep, available now.

The two main aims of The Savvy Insomniac website are (1) to communicate up-to-date information about sleep and insomnia, and (2) to provide support for readers who struggle with poor sleep.

  1. Information. The Savvy Insomniac blog will keep readers abreast of news that may improve their sleep and day-to-day functioning.
  2. Support. Let’s face it: Insomnia is a lonely affair that hardly makes for stimulating conversation at the water cooler. Yet talking about problems and trading information on what works and what does not can be helpful at times when medical advice falls short. If you’d like to chat about a sleep issue one-on-one, contact me via Ask The Savvy Insomniac.