About Me

Lydia RobertsI’ve always been a night owl. My friends are lucky because they can get to bed at a reasonable time. It’s not easy for me to get restful sleep, but I usually manage with the help of my old-fashioned alarm clock, my white noise machine, and my yoga practice.

But I was having more trouble sleeping lately. My insomnia increased over the last year or so, and it had started to affect me at work too. On bad nights I would start feeling tired around 4 PM, which is when my body really needed rest for optimum performance the next day.

I used to have a great life. I had a well-paying job, my own house, and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

But then things started changing. I started getting less sleep because I couldn’t fall asleep at night. One day, I was walking down the street and it all hit me that my life was crumbling around me because of my lack of sleep.

I knew there was something wrong with me, but no one else seemed to take it seriously. It took me quite some time to realize that insomnia messed up my life completely.

We know that insomnia is a condition that cannot be cured overnight or by taking a few days to resolve itself like many other illnesses can. But we also know that those who suffer from insomnia can get better and live more productive lives by following our simple tips on how to get sleep back on track.

It is estimated that almost half of adults suffer from insomnia at one time or another in their life. This figure suggests that insomniacs are not rare.

Insomnia can have a negative impact on mental health, physical health, relationships, work performance, and happiness levels. It leaves people feeling exhausted and frustrated – which can lead to poor decision making.

The insomnia treatments that helped me are natural remedies. This includes things like herbal tea, exercise before bedtime, and mindfulness meditation. These strategies are effective for about 80% of people who have trouble sleeping.

The insomnia treatments that helped me were not only helpful because I was able to sleep better but also because they improved my state of mind – decreasing anxiety and creating a more positive outlook on life.