The New York Times’ Sunday Magazine a few years ago featured a series of drawings by the artist Christoph Niemann. Titled “Good Night and Tough Luck,” the series contained text but communicated so much more than the words themselves — and it was funny, too!

Here’s one of my favorite drawings in the series.

sleep agony bliss

I’ve got a couple items to add to Niemann’s lists:

Agony: Husband leaving door to basement open and water softener switching (roaring) on at 2:30 a.m.

Bliss: Laughing in my sleep.

Care to add an item or two of your own? Please comment here or on Facebook!

Posted by Lois Maharg, The Savvy Insomniac

Lois Maharg has worked with language for many years. She taught ESL, coauthored two textbooks, and then became a reporter, writing about health, education, government, Latino affairs, and food. Her lifelong struggle with insomnia and interest in investigative reporting motivated her to write a book, The Savvy Insomniac: A Personal Journey through Science to Better Sleep. She now freelances as an editor and copy writer at On the Mark Editing.

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